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Resources and Training for the Aged and Disability Care Industry
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Ready to take your service to the next level?

YOU’RE passionate about providing quality care to the people you support.

WE’RE passionate about helping you provide quality care to all clients, no matter where they live.

For over twenty years we have been working across the sector, co-designing culturally appropriate, accessible resources that make your job easier. CDCS is all about ensuring organisations have the right tools to help them provide quality care with confidence.

That’s where this Members Hub comes in…

There are constant major changes in the aged care industry.

Are you compliant with the New Aged Care Standards?

Have you updated your Policies and Procedures?

Do your client and staff handbooks and other documents reflect the new language and expectations?

How about your staff – are they aware of the impact of the changes?

Get access to our full range of up-to-date policies and procedures that reflect the New Aged Care Standards and support disability program requirements. As a bonus, you will also receive alerts about updates to these so that you know exactly what documents you need to change to remain compliant.

Do you get frustrated when members of your team are doing their own thing?

Or when a new staff member continually calls you to find out how yet another form or template is to be completed – perhaps you don’t even have the template and you find yourself continually re-inventing the wheel.

You need to find ways to support consistency, compliance and quality across your team. What if you had access to templates and example documents that have been proven over the years to support service compliance and increase the level of competence across your workforce?

You’re in the right place.

There’s a right way and there’s a wrong way!

You want your staff to complete basic tasks like writing clear and concise progress notes – we know, because so many of you have downloaded our free eBook on writing effective client progress notes.

But there is more that you and your team want to know, like: how to apply the New Aged Care Standards; how to manage staff issues; how to deliver a ToolBox Talk effectively. We have you covered.

The CDCS eBook library includes a growing number industry-relevant digital books written to assist both management and staff. You can download these and share them with your team, giving you and your team knowledge in an easy to read format that is relevant to your service context.

Our library was developed with you and your busy team in mind.

Do you have the tools in place to support your staff in the delivery of services to an increasingly complex client base?

Are you supporting them with the right tools and information to provide safe and effective care and supports that are tailored to your client’s assessed needs?

What if we gave you access to all our tried and tested Info Sheets – small snippets of information that you can use to educate staff to support quality outcomes.

You’ll also get access to our new series of care planning guides – clearly written info sheets that help care planners respond effectively to the needs of clients with specific health conditions. There is an accompanying guide for care staff to help them understand their client’s specific condition and the impact on their ADL’s – supporting better outcomes for clients.

Want to tackle the ‘hard’ parts in a way that doesn’t do your head in?

We’re talking about applied legislation, regulatory compliance, risk management, planning succession, communication strategies, information management, financial management and a focus on continuous quality improvement.

The membership platform gives you a range of effective management workforce and compliance templates that provides a base to develop your own organisation documents.

But that’s not all – we have also created a number of generic examples to assist you in writing your own quality documentation.

How do you ensure your Governing Authority understand their obligations as an Approved Provider?

What tools do you have to ensure that your Governing Authority (Board or Council members) and Executive Management understand what they need to do? Do you have the right tools to operate as a successful and financially viable service, without getting frustrated and failing as an Approved Provider?

Our range of tailored Governance resources will help. The membership site has fact sheets for organisations to support compliance with expected Governance standards and regulatory process for your governing legislation. These are designed to help your Governing Authority and Executive Management understand their responsibilities and operate a successful service.

No one wants to find themselves in breach of program requirements!

Likewise, you don’t want to be sued or have to pay fines because of workplace accidents or inadvertently doing something wrong.

But, how do you know if you aren’t informed? How do you avoid costly mistakes?

You could of course read up on all the legislation, keep track of all the changes or employ someone full time on your team to research and catalogue their findings…

…or you could simply purchase a membership and have up-to-date resources at your fingertips. These resources are reflective of the current industry Standards, requirements and regulations, making compliance easier and giving your team and Management peace of mind.

You’ll have access to tools and templates that are tailored to the sector and that underpin effective risk management.

Tired of wasting time and money on training that is not relevant to your service context?

How often have you attended workshops or industry forums that fell short of your expectations? Where the topics didn’t relate to your service context, the speakers appeared to be more interested in presenting their latest theories or wanted to sell you something, or where the presenter had some great information but it was marred by poor presentation skills?

CDCS provides content and a training approach that is engaging, practical and has lasting benefits. The Platinum Membership offers discounted access to selected CDCS workshops and networking events.

If you’re working at the Management level and would like to network with your peers, you can apply to join the Inner Circle MasterMind – a two day Aged Care Manager’s Forum where you’ll find answers to those tough questions, develop program-level strategies and have the opportunity to network with your peers.

So what exactly are you getting access to?

You want to know what is on offer – right?

Well it’s a lot and it’s continually growing, but let’s start with the basics:

  • A complete set of Policies and Procedures that reflect the latest industry reforms – plus, we’ll be monitoring future reforms and making any adjustments to the base template and alerting you to the change so you can keep up-to-date.
  • A range of industry relevant ToolBox Talks – no need to put up with ToolBox Talks that are aimed at workers in other industries like tradies or miners.
  • A series of helpful Info Sheets, written in plain English, that assist your staff to better understand the industry they work in. These include responding to elder abuse, handling complaints effectively and understanding scope of practice.
  • Templates to support effective human resource management – these templates will be invaluable, whether you need to develop a training plan, an orientation program, an induction checklist, a performance appraisal or assist staff to achieve goals, we’ve got you covered.
  • Essential management resources – our templates and tools don’t stop at just supporting your staff. Do you need to know how to develop a work instruction, a stakeholder engagement strategy, complete brokerage agreements or Memorandums of Understanding? You’ll have access to both templates and guides, making your job so much easier.
  • And there’s more – you’ll have access to an ever increasing library of eBooks, survey forms, audit tools and governance resources, all of which will assist in improving the level of knowledge across your organisation and support compliance.
And so much more! This is an evolving platform that is responsive to your needs. We want this site to be your go-to place for quality, industry-relevant resources.

What People Say About Our Resources

We know you’ll get value, but don’t just take it from us!

“The tools and the information that you have compiled and issued to us is amazing. I could actually walk in here now, with all the information that you have supplied and start and have the whole system up and running, everything compliant, everyone knowing what they’re meant to be doing, how they’re meant to be doing it and you’ve made it so easy for us to actually get the job done; and I seriously can’t thank you enough.” Dianne Jones

Regional Health Manager, Barkly Regional Council

“The support from CDCS was great. Having access to useable resources and systems that are tailored to remote services allows our organisation to provide a superior service to clients.” Liz Waltrich

Aged & Disability Coordinator, Central Desert Regional Council

“The CDCS team have a vast understanding of remote aged and disability services and always treat their clients with respect and in a culturally appropriate manner. CDCS are willing to work alongside the organisation to meet the desired outcome. The resources CDCS designed for our organisation have been invaluable.” Katie Snell

Manager Aged & Disability Services, Central Desert Regional Council

Wow, did you read that list of inclusions?

When we were researching what the pricing and included resources should be, we spent time talking to people in the industry about what they pay for resources and training. When we broached the idea of providing our resources at an extremely competitive price some people thought we were crazy! They knew the standard of resources we develop; they understood what we were offering, and they have also been some of the first to jump at the opportunity to take up a membership.

As one person said, “Why would I bother to reinvent the wheel, you’ve done it all already, and so much better than I could.”

So why have we priced this membership so competitively? We know we could have charged more – a lot more – if we compare this to other offerings in the sector.

We didn’t want to ‘leave anyone behind’!

We know there are a number of organisations out there who don’t have access to quality resources and support or a large budget for resources and training materials.

We also recognise that there is power in numbers. If we can offer quality resources at an affordable price, everyone benefits. You can access the tools and resources you need and, with enough members, we can cover the cost of providing these to you and supporting and developing the platform.

What would these resources cost you to purchase individually?

Policies & Procedures

Aged Care specific Policies & Procedures that are easy to tailor.

Current value = $7,500 (without the benefit of ongoing updates)

ToolBox Talks

You will have immediate access to our current suite of tailored ToolBox Talks, with more coming.

Current Value = $395.00

Info Shares

You’ll have immediate access to our suite of tried and tested Info Shares, with more coming.

Current Value = $275.00

Care Planning Guides

These are labour intensive to develop, but we have found they have been well received by planners and care staff. We are rolling these out progressively, making sure that the information is both relevant and clear to users.

Current Value = $495.00

A range of forms, templates and audit tools

These are adaptable to your organisation. It’s difficult but if we had to put a price on these, they would most likely cost well over $10,000.

Current Value = $12,600

Ebooks, guides, recipes & more!

We also have a number of other resources written specifically for the aged and disability sector that support your team in understanding the sector and their role. This library is continuously expanding.

Current Value = $2,500

That’s well over $20,000 of resources.

You can see why people said we were crazy when we decided on our membership price, but we want to fulfil our commitment of enabling the provision of quality care – no matter who, no matter where!

So, what is the price?

The 2020 price for Platinum Membership is currently under review. Membership will re-open on Friday 31st January 2020.

What are you waiting for? Reserve your Platinum 2020 Membership now.

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